Kenora Airport – Strategic Development Plan Completed

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Kenora Airport – Strategic Development Plan Completed

The Kenora Airport Authority Inc. (KAA) has partnered with the Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corp. (LOWBIC), to complete a Strategic Development Plan for the Kenora Airport. The project was funded through the KAA, LOWBIC and through the Northern Community Investment Readiness Program (NCIR), of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM).

The Kenora Airport is a strategic regional asset, with the capacity to support local economic development. The facilities are owned and operated by the KAA and have seen several recent upgrades, including $98,000 for replacement of the airfield electronic generator as mentioned in a funding announcement made by Kenora MP Greg Rickford in 2012. In efforts to remain competitive with the region, developing a strategic development plan was critical, to provide a rational and comprehensive framework for the continued development and best use of airport lands stated Airport Authority Chair, Don McDougald.

The Strategic Development Plan outlines the direction that the KAA will pursue in structuring the expansion of both air-side and ground-side land. It considers the future transportation progressions as well as commercial/light industrial development for the City of Kenora. The Plan measures the balance between industry and the traveller, allowing for equal growth opportunities, which will complement the current activities.

Some of the key general recommendations from the Strategic Development Plan include:

  • Reconfiguration of the passenger processing unit (new terminal) to accommodate potential increase in air service and passenger traffic
  • Redeveloping the main apron for future air service activity
  • Prioritizing the industrial development of the Airport Road adjacent lots; quickly establishing an anchor development in the “Airport Business Park”, as well as increase the visibility of its expansion and excellent development potential

The Kenora Airport is well positioned to meet current and long-term market demands, and has approximately 131.1 acres available for development. Investment in the Kenora Airport will position the community to take advantage of local and regional economic opportunities. Additionally, an increase in air service will enhance the reputation of the City of Kenora as a tourist destination; improving the accessibility of air travel to the region.

LOWBIC will continue working with the KAA and the City of Kenora to develop an action plan, based on the recommendations of the Strategic Development Plan.

“There are some exciting opportunities ahead at the Kenora Airport, and we are very happy to assist in any way we can” mentions LOWBIC Executive Director, Ryan Reynard.



Kenora Airport – Strategic Development Plan – FULL REPORT

Appendix A – Overall Site Plan 03-27-14

Appendix B – Contoured Site Plan 03-27-14

Appendix C – Approach Slope Profile 03-27-14

Appendix D – Apron Configuration & Airside Development 03-27-14

Appendix E – Existing Pavement Comparison 03-27-14

Appendix F – Airside & Groundside Delineation 03-27-14

Appendix G – Industrial Business Park 03-27-14

Appendix H – Airport Development Areas 03-27-14

Appendix I – Watermain Wastewater Sewer Drainage Servicing Concept

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