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Tangled Tree Framing and Gifts has expanded!

Tangled Tees creates custom t-shirts for tourists and locals. Customers choose a shirt or sweatshirt, then choose a Lake of the Woods logo or their own custom design. It gets printed onto the shirt, using heat transfer vinyl, which allows us to make one shirt at a time!

Thanks to help from LOWBIC in the form of a consolidation loan, we were able to purchase equipment to expand into custom shirt printing.

Jade Lorimer(Owner of Tangled Tree Framing & Gifts and Tangled Tees) Tangled Tees Spotlight - Article

With the assistance of LOWBIC, I was able to secure a loan and start up my own business! The process was easy and LOWBIC was very helpful along the way!

Lindsey Roehirg(Owner of Unfixed) Unfixed Spotlight - Article

With the assistance of LOWBIC we were able to obtain financing at a great rate, to expand our hospitality business to include Sun Valley Resort. The staff were fantastic to work with, and helped us each step of the way.

Sun Valley Resort is now open for the season with 6 cabin rentals. We are looking forward to increasing tourism to the Keewain and Lake of the Woods area. We are happy to be part of this great community and would like to thank everyone for their support. We hope to further develop our business to meet the needs of Keewain and the surrounding area. The Lakeshore Lounge o ers live music events, free pool, and multiple TV's for sporting events. Book your next birthday, anniversary, social, or wedding with us! The Lakeshore Lounge is at 103 Wharf Street, Keewain and Sun Valley Resort at #24 McKenzie Portage Road, Keewain. Visit our website at www.bartelsresorts.com or like us on Facebook to find out about upcoming events!

William and Laura Bartel(Owners of Sun Valley Resort and Lakeshore Lounge) Sun Valley Lodge Spotlight - Article

We were both wanting to do something out of our comfort zone, we knew we wanted to work together, and opening a clothing store came to mind- we both thought what a great idea. Montana's Grandparents owned the Kenricia Hotel and her uncle opened a clothing store in it called "Hoolio & Goober Union" which her mother worked at. We loved the name and decided to 'bring it back'.

The type of clothing that we sell is woman's business casual targeting young profession woman.

LOWBIC has been supportive of our start-up business needs by securing our line of credit and providing great interest rates. We recommend that you meet with them for your small business needs today.

Ashley Schuster(Owners of Hoolio & Goober) Hoolio and Goober - Article

It's an automotive business, we fix all kind of cars and provide services. I think the best part of our business is the vast array of services we can provide to our customers. We do all types of mechanical repairs.

Through LOWBIC, we were able to get a loan that allowed us to purchase our own business. I would definitely recommend LOWBIC to other entrepreneurs that are wanting to start their own business. The staff are extremely helpful throughout the whole process and it was actually a lot quicker than I had anticipated.

Jessica Scott Shanes Northern Tire and Auto - Article

It was amazing, the manager of retail operations at the Winnipeg Art Gallery approached our booth last Wednesday and wanted to represent our work in the gallery shop! She was on vacation but they caught her eye - it just goes to show you never know what might happen! We're completely sold out of scarves now but they'll be back soon! Our goal is to continue to make great art that's functional and wearable. We really appreciate the assistance and direction we received from LOWBIC.

Joan Grandbois(Owners of Colour Me Minaki Water Designs) Colour-Me - Article

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been in business now for just over eight years.

Why did you decide to use LOWBIC’s services?
I lost my job when the paper mill closed, and the Self Employment Benefit program was made available to use along with EI. A lot of the other tradesmen moved away, but I had young children and wanted to stay in Kenora. So when I heard Print Gear was for sale I decided to go for it.

Which LOWBIC services did you find the most valuable?
The financial assistance from the Self Employment Benefit program let me focus on developing my business the first year without worrying too much.

Would you use LOWBIC services again if needed?
Definitely. Why not?

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Keep pressing. Take the initiative to make contact with new clients. You have to take the leave there. The first year can be rough but if you can make it through the clients will start rolling in.

Ron Chagnon(Owner of Print Gear and Almost Pro Hockey) LOWBIC-Success-Story-4-Print-Gear - Article

What is Inteleck?
Inteleck offers an outstanding suite of Internet services to meet even the most demanding business requests. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and project management through clear and direct communication. Our goal is to understand your business needs, provide an elegant solution and foster a relationship that allows you to realize your business goals.

Please see my website for more info: www.inteleck.com

How long have you been in business?
We’ve been in business for 6 years now.

How did you hear about LOWBIC / why did you decide to use LOWBIC’s services?
I’ve been aware of LOWBIC and LOWBIC’s services for many years. I stay up to date on business happenings in Kenora and the surrounding cities. LOWBIC provides a means to programs and funding that would otherwise not be available to me. Working one-on-one with a business advisor is a huge asset to me and my business.

What LOWBIC service did you find most helpful?
The secure line of credit financing and Internship program.

What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out?
If you are passionate about what you do and put that energy into the work you provide, then you will always wake up each morning with a renewed drive for your work and the potential for greater success in your business.

To help get our clients started in the Website Development process, either new or re-design, we provide free consultations and suggestions for improvement to help deliver a better return on their investment. We specialize in Social Media Marketing, e-commerce and data management.

Aaron Affleck(Owner of Inteleck) Inteleck - Article

There's a lot more usable space, more space for products. We now have five treatment rooms and three registered massage therapists. We also offer acupuncture, foot detox baths and a SOQI spa - a combination of infra-red and passive aerobic exerciser also known as a Chi Machine.

LOWBIC has been awesome. They've always had the resources we've needed and been very helpful. I actually referred someone to them yesterday! LOWBIC has really helped us grow our business. Hopefully this was the last time - they've been great but we're tired of moving!

Lisa Lyle(Owner of Zen Den) Congratulations Zen Den - Article

How long have you been in business?

I've been in business for about two years.

What inspired you to start your business?

It's something I've always wanted to do.

How did LOWBIC help your business?

The lending service was very helpful.

Anything exiting in the works?

Soon I'll be qualified as a tattoo artist and will be expanding to offer a tattoo parlour. I'm currently gearing up for the summer season. At the moment I have a big sale every Friday the 13th.

Trish Allin(Owner of Evil & Innocence) Evil and Innocence Banner - Article

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2007.

How did you hear about LOWBIC?
We heard about LOWBIC from Andrea, the business representative at our bank.

Which LOWBIC services did you find the most valuable?
Business Development services – Ted was easy to work with and very helpful. Brian helped us set up our bookkeeping.

Would you use LOWBIC services again if needed?
Yes, if needed

What challenges do you face in the current market/economy?
We don't current face any.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
We have actually already recommended LOWBIC to several people.

Countryside Manor

The Dockhouse Sports Bar and Restaurant

Tangled Tree


Playa Vida

Their financial assistance offered working capital to kick-start my dream business.

Evil & Innocence Clothing Co.

We would definitely work with LOWBIC again if we need financing in the future.

Timber Signs

Without LOWBIC's assistance, I would not be at the stage I am today.

Tangled Tree Framing & Gifts

LOWBIC would like to introduce Jennifer Hall and her new business venture "The Only One - Gift Shop"

The Only One

SEB's financial assistance & LOWBIC's business advice & marketing strategies were essential & greatly appreciated!

Lake Bites Catering

The SEB Program gave me financial support to concentrate on my start-up business without the pressure of personal expense!


The support provided by the SEB Program assisted me to write a Business Plan and start my business with confidence!

It's Sew Perfect

LOWBIC's process was comprehensive & I would work with them again should we require further assistance!

Wind & Water Interiors

The long overdue journey could not have been made possible if it was not for the wonderful staff & support at LOWBIC!

Selah Motel

S.E.B Program provided financial security, the mentoring & assistance I needed to develop my business plan!

North Side Lawn & Garden

LOWBIC's process and due diligence was easy to work with and my loan was approved quickly!

New Dawn Tanning Salon

LOWBIC is willing to look at projects that exceed a traditional financial institution's comfort zone, making our dreams a reality!

Loaf 'N Jug

At a time when we needed financial help with our family business - LOWBIC was there!

Wilson's Rocky Lake Camps

We took advantage of their business programs & seminars to refine our skills to run our business more efficiently!

Muskie Bay Resort

LOWBIC assisted us with our financial requirements, business plan and our management & bookkeeping!

Hidden Trail Resort

We found the process to be straightforward and quick. The staff is very supportive and willing to help!

Red Deer Lodge

LOWBIC provided capital to carry out renovations & additional funds to purchase equipment for a smooth operation!

The Cornerstone

Our experience with the LOWBIC staff has been a real success & they made it possible for us to grow our business!

Kendall House B&B

LOWBIC’s seminars and video conferences have been able to develop my business and marketing skills!

Lacriox Landscaping

Our consolidated loan allows us to make one payment over a longer term compared to conventional lending!

B&B General Store