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LOWBIC can offer various forms of financing, whether you are starting up, looking to expand or in need of some extra capital. Below are a few of our options:


We offer up to $300,000 with reasonable interest rates and varying amortization times.  We offer loans for the following purposes:

  • Business Start-up
  • Business Expansion
  • Existing Business Acquisition
  • Purchase of Assets
  • Working Capital
  • Consolidation of Business Debt


We can also offer financing in the form of an operating line guarantee. For an annual fee of 3.5%  of the guarantee, we will pledge our funds as security.

Equity Investments

Funds in the form of equity participation may be provided by LOWBIC to incorporated businesses. The funds invested must assist in the creation or maintenance of permanent or part time jobs in the area.

How To Begin:

Please contact the Business Development and Lending Officer to schedule an appointment.

  • Allyson McTaggart Erskine, Business Development & Lending Officer
    Phone: (807) 467-4651
    Email: [email protected]