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LOWBIC’s Business Development component provides business advisory services, individual mentoring, group presentations, workshops, seminars, business plans, banking proposals, and loans.

There are many issues to consider when you are entering a venture. We have the resources on site to assist you or email us with your questions.

Who can use the services?

Any person/persons already residing in the Kenora District, south to Sioux Narrows, north to Redditt, or west to the Manitoba border interested in starting a small business or currently in a small business.

Small Business Counselling and Advisory Services

The first piece of advice we can offer is to come see us at Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corporation. Our business is to help your business. We have the expertise to assist you with your needs. Our capable staff will meet with you in person to answer your questions and offer solutions to your business challenges. Best of all, this service is offered FREE OF CHARGE!

How To Begin:

Please contact:

  • Allyson McTaggart Erskine, Business Development & Lending Officer
    Phone: (807) 467-4651
    Email: [email protected]